On Earth we are familiar with the Water Cycle, a process which defines all life here. But what if there was a similar cycle for other liquids - like methane perhaps? We may be a step closer to finding out. ESA has confirmed that the Cassini has found oceans and lakes of pure methane on its surface. Scientists had previously thought that sunlight would break down the methane, making for bodies of a mix of hydrocarbons, but this does not seem to be the case. Radar scans have mapped the northern hemisphere, which is dotted with these bodies of methane and seems to suggests at a complexe liquid system with methane wetlands, methane sludge ocean beds, a Methane Cycle, and even a climate influenced by this cycle on Titan. The Methane Cycle in particular allows for organic compounds to disolve. All these could result in an environment that is able to create life, but like as we cannot image; based on and composed of methane rather than water. One thing is for sure, there is a lot more going on on Titan than its simple appearance would have you believe.

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