The search for life on Mars continues. Joining the hunt is ESA's new ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and Schiaparelli lander set to launch in late March from Kazakhstan. The mission is to try to find traces of methane in the planets atmosphere which could suggest biological or geological activity. Methane makes up less than 1% of Mars's atmosphere and the Trace Gas Orbiter is designed to investigate what this means and if this is evidence for life on Mars. Studies on Earth suggest that methane in the atomsphere disapates quickly meaning there must be an active source on Mars. Schiaparelli is meant primarily as a demonstration of the ESA's ability to deliver a lander successfully to Mars, but is also equiped with scientific instruments. This spacecraft will be arriving at Mars in October of this year, where the lander will seperate from the orbiter and being the mission. This is the first of two planned missions, with a rover and surface platform launching in 2018.

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