About CSS Art & Culture Program

Today more than ever the arts, science, and technology are merging together providing endless opportunities for each to impact the other’s evolution, and consequently impacting Canadian culture.

The purpose of CSS's Art and Culture Program is:

  • to examine the link between space art and space developments
  • to explain how space art continues to evolve as a direct result of technological advancements
  • to create a forum for artists and space industry professionals to discuss the role space art will have in establishing the cultural identity of the emergent space faring peoples

To get involved with CSS's Art & Culture Program contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CSS Art & Culture Program Director.

Cosmic Dancer
Credit: Cosmic Dancer (sculpture) by Arthur Woods

Fourth Annual DPS Planetary Science Art Exhibition

The AAS Division for Planetary Sciences Conference 2015 will be curating “The Fourth Annual Planetary Science Art Exhibition”, a selection of artwork inspired by and exploring  the concepts of the Planetary Sciences. They aim to feature 2-D work in any media, with some spaces for sculpture and digitally native works. DPS members as well as local and international artists whose works discuss Planetary Science to apply to be exhibited. 


Deadline for submission is 24th September 2015.


What is Space Art?

By traditional definitions, space art includes all artistic expressions related to, or inspired by, space through the use of traditional techniques and techniques unique to the properties of space. Space art inspires exploration, captures the beauty of cosmic phenomenon, and helps to communicate concepts otherwise impossible to visualize using conventional means. Space art satisfies a basic human need to express philosophical and religious questions, regarding how we perceive space and its potential uses,
today and in the future.

Space art falls into several categories, such as:

  • Fine art which exploits sensory experiences generated through space exploration
  • Art which expresses the new psychological and philosophical conceptions developed through the exploration of space
  • Art in space, viewed from Earth
  • Art on Earth, viewed from space
  • Art in space, viewed in space
  • The applied arts such as space architecture, interior design and furniture design
  • Fine art which takes advantage of new technologies and materials created through space activities
  • Scientific illustration, painting, or other 2D artwork inspired by space initiatives
  • Microgravity artwork designed for, or facilitated in microgravity environments or simulators (e.g. parabolic flights)
  • Representational/conceptual artwork inspired by space technology
  • Biological art inspired by developments in space related fields
  • Electromagnetic art (x-ray, laser, radio)
  • Artwork designed for other celestial destinations
  • New media artwork inspired by space
  • Electronic artwork inspired by space
  • Performance/music artwork inspired by space

Space art plays the following roles in society:

  • Visualization and inspiration
  • Outreach and education
  • Documentation and communication of space activities and experiences
  • Support and encouragement for scientific exploration

Pisces Project at San Mateo Maker Faire

CSS-Alberta Executives (Nathan Armstrong, Catherine Hazin, and Jimmy Hazin) accompanied a delegation of fifteen, representing leaders in Calgary's maker movement at "The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth".  The Bay Area Maker Faire 2014 was held May 17-18th in San Mateo, California to recognize the creativity, ingenuity, and joy that can be discovered in makers everywhere and in everybody who makes.

During the event, MAKE magazine interviewed CSS-Alberta Chairman, Jimmy Hazin and Pisces Project Creative Director, Jeff De Boer about the Pisces Project.

The Pisces Project was one of 1100+ maker exhibits, presentations, and performances showcased.  The event was attended by over 130,000 attendees hailing from over 42 countries and 49 states . Here are some pictures of the CSS Pisces Project booth:

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      CSS Space Art Exhibition 2013

      CSS is hosting a Space Art Exhiition in September 2013 in Calgary, Alberta  Pending funding, this exhibit will also be exhibited in Toronto in 2014. The CSS Space Art Exhibition will feature artwork by Canadian and internationally renowned space artists. The launch of the exhibition will include a ticketed space art performance event, and is currently scheduled for September 12. The CSS Space Art Exhibition and Performance is partnered with a city wide art and technology festival “Beakerhead”.

      The CSS Space Art Exhibition will provide an opportunity for established Canadian artists in a multitude of artistic disciplines to express philosophical questions regarding how people perceive space and its potential uses, today and in the future. The purpose of the Space Art Exhibition is to inspire and educate the public on space developments, and examine the impact these innovations are making on culture via artistic expression. Collaborations between CSS principal space artists and CSS space experts will be documented and presented publicly through presentations, workshops and on-going exhibitions.

      For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CSS Art & Culture Program Director.


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