Funding pinch in U.S. worries Com Dev

The picture appears to have brightened for government funding in the Canadian space sector, but a new cloud is looming on the horizon for Com Dev International.

Budget sequestration in the U.S., which automatically limits the size of the federal government, has raised the level of uncertainty for American military space programs.  Read more at The Record.

MDA completes acquisition of Space Systems Loral

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd has completed and formally closed the previously announced acquisition of Space Systems/Loral, Inc. (SS/L).

The combination of MDA and SS/L creates a leading global communications and information company.  Read more at Space Mart.

Turn your satnav idea into business

Ready to take the next step with your satnav idea? ESA's business incubation centres are offering help through this year's European Satellite Navigation Competition. For the tenth time, the competition is calling for services, products and business innovations that use satellite-based navigation to improve everyday life. 

MDA Acquires Space Systems Loral in Blockbuster Deal

In what can only be described as a blockbuster deal, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd (MDA) announced late today that it has acquired a larger company in Space Systems/Loral (SS/L). The announcement comes a day before the MDA's scheduled quarterly investor call and a day after they had announced a significant deal to provide the communications payload for the AMOS-6 Satellite.  Read more at SpaceRef Canada.

Historic Moment "Captured" by Canadians


The moment of capture.  History was made today with the capture and docking of the first private spacecraft at the International Space Station.  Seen here is the historic moment where the Canadarm 2 has reached out to grapple the Dragon spacecraft.  Check out a video of the capture on Youtube.


Hear what Society president, Kevin Shortt, had to say to CTV just prior to docking.


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