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Q&A with CSS's own Shaziana

By; Joshua Sorell

We connected with Canadian Space Society member Shaziana about her recent trip over email. Here is the Q&A

Q: What Program did you particapate in?

A: HI-SEAS analogue mission as part of the EuroMoonMars + Interstellar Moon Alliance and HI-SEAS (EMMIHS) collab

Q:How did you get involved?

A: I had known about HI-SEAS and other missions for several years now and had planned to do at least one or more after my graduate studies, however, things were on hold due to the pandemic. In early February I was getting back into pre-pandemic interests and happened to stumble upon the applications for HISEAS which seemed to be the only mission accepting applications at the time. So, without expecting any outcomes, I dropped my name in the bucket!

Long story short, it's an application and selection process that includes psychological evaluations

Q: Where was it?

A: Mauna Loa Volcano in the Volcanic National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii, at 8200 ft altitude

Q: What was the best part?

A: so many good things! The crew bonded amazingly and we had so many good times, from playing UNO FLIP, to Space Monopoly, hosting a YN hab style, watching a very relevant NCIS episode, and just overall working well together.

My absolute favourite part was the sunrise EVA I had the opportunity to do the second last day. I am not a morning person so you know it was good! That day I was able to do 2 EVAs which is not common, the second being sunset. We were so hyped from the sunrise EVA, that my EVA partner and I convinced the rest of the crew to do the same the next and final day.

It was also really nice having someone else schedule my days, with dedicated exercise time everyday, and meals taken care of (I myself only had to cook twice! And I wasn't alone!)

I also really enjoyed my roles as Space Engineer and Public Outreach Officer, where I got to check on hab systems health, snap photos of everything we were doing, and write up journal stories of each day !

Q: What was the worst part?

A: worst part, ending! Haha, and otherwise general experiment struggles, and the pre trip planning (it was a quick turn around of about only 10 days from selection to departure as I was one (of a few) pulled from the back-up crew, filling in for a last minute drop out)

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